“…in every place around the world there are lots of treasures that we have perhaps ignored, and there is need to revive aspects of the past in order to propel new develops into the present and in the future” - Dr. Venny Nakazibwe


    A textile is more than its physical nature; it has the ability to embody history, culture, and through its use, meaning. One of the most unique examples of this comes from the bark of the mutuba tree from western Uganda. Ugandan bark cloth, or lubugo in Lugandan, is a renewable material handmade from the bark of the mutuba tree. Still produced by hand, it is traceable to a particular community and individual and has a positive impact on the local economy and environment. In 2005, this unique material was proclaimed by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Bark cloth is first linked to the history of the Buganda Kingdom, produced for over 300 years, and continues to have a strong connection to contemporary traditions, while becoming a relevant material for a growing number of international designers and artists.


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    *Pictured here is Vincent Kajjoga, 9th generation maker striping the mutuba tree.

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